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Executive Presence Workshop for Professionals, Leaders and Executives

Executive Presence Workshop for
Professionals, Leaders and Executives

Learn how to achieve your full potential.

black professional2Discover the building blocks of Executive Presence, today’s universally recognized membership card to the C-suite.

Location: Piedmont Country Club, Haymarket, VA
Rich in history, and set amid the rolling hills of Virginia’s hunt country and majestic hillside  Piedmont Club offers the finest in all amenities. Our 18-hole championship golf course, designed by Tom Fazio, is considered one of the most enjoyable in Northern Virginia.
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 Executive Presence Program Overview

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Hello, I’m Terri Williams

I’m pleased to announce that we’re offering an Executive Presence Workshop for individuals at the executive level.

These workshops are offered within a corporate setting, based on our proven training system, and are now available to individuals to enhance personal and professional growth!

Achieve your potential to place you above the crowd

For 2-full days, we examine the building blocks of Executive Presence, today’s universally recognized membership card to the C-suite. Discover how you can achieve Executive Presence — to place you above the crowd.

My system is structured to enable participants to:

  • Become more influential, persuasive and inspiring
  • Exude charisma
  • Elevate your status
  • Attract people
  • Win clients
  • Network with confidence anywhere and with anyone
  • Get to the next level
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Achieve your goals more quickly
  • Encourage people’s trust and respect

If you, or a member of your organization, qualify for this specialized Executive Presence training and would like to participate in an upcoming workshop, please call: 1 (571) 318-9522

Intense, energizing curriculum

We devote 2-full days to teaching transferable skills through a series of fast-paced interactive classes. Small class size is typically capped at 12 to 15 participants. We conduct every session using the same system we developed for Fortune 500 companies.

Your own Comprehensive Manual

Participants receive comprehensive manuals containing the full course outline. There is detailed information about every topic from charisma development and commanding a room to making compelling presentations and engaging clients, colleagues and staff.

Look and act like a Leader — Discover the essence of Executive Presence

The multi-faceted program walks participants through an advanced level of training and focuses on how to:

  • Create powerful First Impressions
  • Communicate with confidence and professionalism whether your venue is an auditorium, boardroom, client meeting or video conference, plus, “virtually” using email and social media to maximum advantage
  • Behave with confidence and poise—in any situation

Personal self-assessment and goal setting

This workshop is ideal for everyone who recognizes that Executive Presence is the stepping-stone to advancement. Don’t miss this practical how-to workshop to develop your own personal brand and to make your brand more memorable.

Who should attend?

  • Seasoned leaders
  • Corporate Executives
  • Successful entrepreneurs
  • HR Managers
  • Coaching Professionals
  • Personal Consultants and Trainers

Expand your horizons

Regardless of how far up the corporate ladder you are right now.

EP is multi-dimensional. We show you the techniques and cover all the bases using interactive demonstrations:

  • Credibility, Likeability, Trust and Appearance – the 4 elements that comprise First Impressions
  • Integrity – the key to recovering from a less-than-perfect First Impression
  • Maintaining your credibility by holding personal motivation in-check
  • Charisma – how to emanate power while displaying warmth
  • How the simple act of holding eye contact makes your presence felt

Practice leads to meaningful results

We use advanced on-site videos to ensure you discover your strengths and how to advance them. And there’s no extra charge for video sessions.

Enroll now and pay only $2,250!

This fee includes 2-full days of training, comprehensive Course Manual, on-site videography, refreshments, PLUS, a formal luncheon for business-meal training purposes.

Location: Piedmont Country Club, Haymarket, VA
Set amid the rolling hills of Virginia’s hunt country, Piedmont Club offers an 18-hole championship golf course, professional accommodation & the perfect setting for training.

Dates published soon!

Enroll now and pay only $2,250!

2-full days of training, comprehensive Course Manual, on-site videography, refreshments, PLUS, a formal luncheon for business-meal training purposes.

Location: Piedmont Country Club, Haymarket, VA

Enroll Now!

Dates published soon

10 Important Questions you need to ask yourself about your personal Executive Presence

To encourage everyone with a vested interest in self-determination, we’ve compiled this questionnaire.

“We’re often asked if there’s a starting point. Questions typically run the gamut from: “How do I know if I have IT?” – to – “What if I think I have EP but can’t be sure, how do I measure it?

  1. Do I make a memorable First Impression when I’m introduced?
  2. Do people want to meet me and gravitate toward me when I enter a room?
  3. Do I optimize social opportunities to mingle and interact with people I’m meeting for the first time?
  4. Do I converse easily with diverse groups of individuals and move from introductions to networking and making connections?
  5. Do I understand Body Language – both the silent signals I read in others and send, myself?
  6. Do I present business materials in an effective and persuasive way to potential clients or individual customers, large and small groups?
  7. Do I utilize the appropriate guidelines of electronic and virtual communication?
  8. Do I consistently project a professional image at business functions?
  9. Do I effectively use my appearance and clothing to achieve the greatest effect?
  10. Do I understand the protocols of being either host or guest at business meals, anywhere and with anyone?

Please contact us for more information:
Tel: 1 (571) 318-9522

Special New Feature!

16-week Sustainability Program

Executive Presence for Leaders: Exclusively available to Workshop Participants

Over a 4-month period, you receive a weekly Executive Presence email installment:
  • Every installment supplements the original seminar content with additional insights, plus, new material
  • Every session contains a checklist designed to help you monitor your own personal progress
  • All content specially developed for advanced leadership level
  • 16-interactive installments that revisit key topics and ensure you sustain the knowledge and training acquired during the Workshop
The Executive Presence Sustainability Program is custom-designed exclusively for Workshop Participants: Leaders & Executives. It will inspire you, motivate you and provide new insights!
You are eligible if you have:
  • Participated in a 2-Day Seminar or Workshop


  • Are registering for an upcoming Workshop (Program to follow Workshop)


  • Received Private Coaching
Register for total 16-week package


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