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Executive Presence Training

executive-presence-training-1The Gold Standard in Leadership Presence Training for Top Executives, Directors, Managers and C-Suite

Panache Career Strategies, LLC. offers the most inclusive executive presence training programs and seminars available to build leadership presence in practically every business interaction.

This exclusive executive presence training program coaches executives, directors, upper-management and C-Suite to build leadership presence, communicate with poise and develop genuine relationships with business clients. Our comprehensive training includes 6 core modules, tailored according to your unique organizational training criteria. As part of the program participants learn to:

  • Stand out and build an authentic executive presence
  • Deliver their ideas with enthusiasm and poise
  • Read body language signals and build connections
  • Motivate and take the lead to get the best out of their staff
  • Develop strong listening skills and build positive relationships
  • Work a room with ease, project authority and express themselves clearly
  • Dine with finesse in both North America and around the globe
  • Practice proper etiquette when communicating professionally using technology and social media
  • Dress to reflect leadership presence, build charisma and enhance reputation

Whether you’re looking for a thorough, multi-day, executive presence training seminar or a half-day interactive workshop that delivers results, our turnkey training programs help companies hone inspiring leaders and change makers.

Below is a complete list of all the modules in our world-class executive presence training program:

  • Introduction to EP and 1st Impressions
  • The motivating factors Why “Executive Presence”
  • The 4 Pillars of EP
  • The 3 Traits of Charismatic Presence​
  • The 4 Variables of 1st Impression
  • Body Language
  • Nonverbal Intelligence
  • The 10 C’s of Body Language
  • Micro Expressions for Business
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Introduction protocols and formulas
  • Conversation: Small talk, Power of Yes, Levity
  • Talking tips do’s and don’ts
  • How to command and work any room
  • Executive Dining & Business Meals
  • The Virtual Executive
  • The Executive Workplace
  • Best Practices
  • The Look of Success

For executive presence training in Metropolitan Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland and across North America, contact us today.

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