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Executive Presence Quiz

At Panache Career Strategies, our highly skilled image and etiquette experts have one goal: to provide you with tools to be more successful.

If your executive presence quiz score is 13 to 15, congratulations you are in the know!

On the other hand, a rating of 10 to 12 indicates that you are at risk of jeopardizing your business image.

Anything lower than 10 is your “wake up call” to get the business protocol skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

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A successful international business person always starts a meeting with tried and true humor to relax everyone.

“Have a great day” is an ideal ending for your personal voicemail greeting.

When eating a bread roll, the appropriate approach is to use your knife to cut the roll in half before buttering and eating it.

You should never wear a shirt that has a button-down collar with a suit.

At a hosted dinner, your entrée arrives and the beef is not cooked to your liking. Rather than ask the server to rectify the situation, you just stay quiet.

Your Vietnamese counterpart truly appreciates a direct request.

It is appropriate for a woman to wear a sandal with a skirt and jacket.

The president of your company, Mr. A, enters the room in which you are meeting with an important client, Ms. B. You would be correct to rise and say, “Mr. A, I would like to introduce Ms. B, our client from New York."


Your name badge is placed on your right side, close to your lapel.

Your host is late for your lunch meeting, so it’s acceptable to order a drink while you wait.

One of the most desirable pieces of clothing in a business wardrobe is a good quality black dress or business suit.

In the Chinese culture, praise the best salesperson during a sales meeting and reward them making sure the whole team is present.

A monogrammed shirt is far more prestigious.

You attend a VIP luncheon and, to show your appreciation to the host, you email your “thank you”. This is an effective and appropriate medium – given today’s busy workplace.

Your client’s executive assistant tells you to go ahead into your client’s office but your client doesn’t acknowledge your presence. You should keep quiet and wait outside the door until they do.

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