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Being Added Value

You’ve probably heard that you should prepare a brief description of who you are and what you do that you can share with new people. And that’s true—with a twist.

The truth is, when you’re meeting people for the first time, they rarely remember the microscopic details of what, exactly, you do—they’re more likely to remember whether or not you’re an interesting, engaging person. So, instead of trying to recite the bullets on your job description, think of how you can explain what you do (and why!) in a simple, meaningful way, that describes your “Added Value”.

For example, if you’re a Special Events Manager , you might say, “I help people plan exciting, memorable, professional events.” You’ll share enough about what you do to help anyone understand, you’ll show off your passions, and you’ll definitely be remembered.

Today’s Homework:

Craft your own value statement! Try our template, or simply draft up 2-3 bullet points of the most important things you want to convey to new people about your background, experience, and skill set.

Then, try it out! Practice it and refine it until you feel totally comfortable saying it to others.

NOTES: If you’re not working right now share your background, something you are currently learning, and your ultimate goal.

For example: My background is in communications, but I have been exploring history on my blog. I would prefer to jump into something where I can do both.

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