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12 Week Virtual Course: Professional and Executive Presence (ENROLL TODAY)

by Terri Williams

12 Week Virtual Course:

Professional and Executive Presence


Panache Career Strategies 12-week virtual Executive Presence Course brings our clients an accelerated learning roadmap that gives them new skills, challenges and support to achieve their goals! Here’s how our 12-week virtual courses work. As a course participant, you’ll receive a packet each week via email (on Saturday) for 12 weeks. In each packet will be the current week’s lesson in your course, along with assorted combinations of exercises, videos, and tools. You’ll work through the lessons at your own pace. We use our moderated online community to share ideas and to ask and answer questions. You don’t have to be at any particular place at any particular time to participate and advance through the lessons. Please write me with your questions about our 12-week virtual courses at




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This course focuses on how to communicate with confidence and poise using transferable-skills training techniques. Every participant has the opportunity to practice in a variety of situations. Making positive first impressions, strong interpersonal communication skills, actions and behaviors in the workplace, and a professional appearance are all critical components for accessing and enhancing Executive Presence. Whether the professional priority is customer service, supervision, team building or leadership, participants benefit from this comprehensive training.


Using the best practices of adult education, this highly interactive workshop enables participants to experience new ways of communicating with effectiveness and greater confidence. Based on our experience, the workshop training modules have been identified as highly relevant for professionals and executives across all industries.




Every first impression counts. Whether meeting a new client, team member or boss, for example, from an introduction to a phone call you are constantly judging others and being judged. Remember, you continue to create an impression with people you have known a long time.


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This phase of our program covers all aspects of interpersonal communication skills. Attention is paid to critical details in each area so that participants can function with ease and comfort in any situation. Communication encompasses a variety of verbal and non-verbal ways you express authority, convey your confidence, and synthesize and articulate your expertise at both formal occasions and during casual situations.


entreprenurExecutive Presence is about behaving appropriately in a given place and situation and within the context of the prevailing corporate culture.


Image is a perception, an intangible quality that is difficult to define. Integrating technical knowledge and academic identity with professional presence can be a challenge. Projecting Executive Presence and making the right first impression improves both stature and reputation, with increased confidence as a by-product. Participants in this program learn to manage and improve their professional image through training to develop a heightened sense of self-awareness.people-lots




panache-logoTerri L. Williams is an executive presence expert specializing in communications, gravitas, and appearance. She is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of specialized experience in human resource management and corporate protocol. Terri is also a veteran of the United States Army, with service in domestic and international assignments. As the President and Founder of Panache Career Strategies, LLC, Terri L. Williams leads Executive Presence training programs and seminars that can help you to improve your skills. A leader in facilitating the “gold standard” in a wide range of services focused on solutions for individual, group, customized programs, seminars and keynote speeches. Working with leaders and executives Panache Career Strategies, LLC will support their executive presence goals in communications and gravitas.

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